Message from Prime Minister of Japan


Message from ABE Shinzo, Prime Minister of Japan

To realize the ultimate goal of a decarbonized society, development of unconventional and disruptive innovations in such areas as carbon recycling, including artificial photosynthesis, CCUS, and hydrogen, are essential.

For the creation of such innovations, I believe it is necessary to gather together the world’s wisdom. With this belief, in June 2019 as chair of the G20, I announced the establishment of Research and Development 20 for Clean Energy Technologies (RD20), where the world’s topmost experts in R&D can come together with a common goal.

Through enhancing international collaborations among research institutes, it is my hope to accelerate R&D which leads to disruptive innovation and to identify a path toward solving the global challenge of climate change.

I look forward to welcoming you, leaders of the world’s most prominent research institutes, to Tokyo.

ABE Shinzo

Prime Minister of Japan

RD20: To create innovation through clean energy technology
CHUBACHI Ryoji, RD20 Chair

Science and technology made our lives convenient and generated numerous economic profits. On the other hand, world-scale environmental issues, such as global warming and marine pollution, are also a consequence of S&T. There is no time to lose in resolving these social challenges, yet it is hard to immediately connect their resolution to economic profits, thus making it difficult for industry to tackle alone. It is challenges such as these for which governments and public institutes should take the initiative and create a large-scale movement involving companies and investors.

One other fact we must consider is that technologies have rapidly become complex, sophisticated, and diversified. It is difficult for a single organization, a single country, to complete the commercialization process by itself. Now is the time for the role of public research institutes as open innovation hubs to come to fruition.

Under these circumstances, RD20 focused on Clean Energy Technology as one of the technologies that make it possible to create not only economic value, but also social value. Thanks to the efforts by the Japanese government, ICEF, RD20, and the TCFD summit, a conference for financial institutions, investors and entrepreneurs, will be held in the same week. It is a great opportunity which brings together all stakeholders, i.e., governments, industries, financial institutions, and academia. It will at once accelerate the movement towards creation of social value.

I would like to thank the representatives of research institutes from each of the countries who take part in this conference. I also appreciate the governments of Japan and other G20 member countries for creating an opportunity to provide such an invaluable platform.


RD20 Chair

And President of AIST